High-Ambition Group

Convened by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


The High-Ambition Group aims to lead change towards more sustainable food systems through setting and publicly committing to ambitious targets, putting a roadmap for implementation into place, and pioneering sustainable finance solutions.

The High-Ambition Group (HAG) is a leadership initiative composed of public and private financial institutions, including global environmental funds, banks, asset managers, fin-techs and agri-businesses.


The High-Ambition Group

Is working to show how institutions can practically:
  1. Improve the assessment and management of material social & environmental risks,
  2. Reduce material environmental and social impacts and increase the positive impacts of investment/lending portfolios and operations, and
  3. Increase financial flows towards more sustainable food systems.

Current High-Ambition Group Members:
Impact areas where current High-Ambition Group team members are setting targets towards:
Environmental [Climate & Nature]:
  • Land use change (deforestation)
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Water use efficiency, management
  • Reduction/Avoidance of food loss and waste
  • Pollution and nutrient efficiency management
  • Reduction of negative impacts on biodiversity
  • Sustainable production and food processing
  • Resource efficiency & circular economy approaches & technologies (sustainable operations, traceability)
  • Food Security (e.g., increasing food production, yield/productivity improvements)
  • Jobs, living wages, livelihoods
  • Nutrition (healthy foods)
  • Human rights and labour conditions
  • Gender equality
  • Capacity building, technical assistance, training, R&D
Impact Areas with Targets set by HAG members as of June, 2022

To get involved in the High-Ambition Group, please contact:

Vanesa Rodriguez Osuna at vanesa.rodriguezosuna@un.org

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