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CBD COP 15 Takeaways: Halting and reversing the loss of biodiversity by 2030

Published by GFFN Secretariat The Good Food Finance Network Secretariat is comprised of the convening core partner organizations’ dedicated team members, who share responsibility for coordinating the Network and its activities. The convening core partners are EAT, FAIRR, Food Systems for the Future, UNEP, and WBCSD.

Breakthrough Agenda Report 2022

This report assesses progress on reducing emissions in five key sectors – power, hydrogen, road transport, steel and agriculture. The authors make recommendations to strengthen collaboration between governments, business and civil society in areas such as common standards, technology R&D, reaching a level playing field for trade, and improving technical and financial assistance.

The future of food and agriculture: Drivers and triggers for transformation

The fundamental message of this report is that it is still possible to push agrifood systems along a pattern of sustainability and resilience, if key “triggers” of transformation are properly activated. However, strategic policy options to activate them will have to “outsmart” vested interests, hidden agendas and conflicting objectives, and trade off short-term unsustainable achievements…

State of Finance for Nature 2022

By 2025, annual investment in Nature based solutions (NbS) needs to increase to US $384 billion, more than double the finance currently flowing into NbS (US $154 billion) according to the State of Finance for Nature 2022 report, published by GFFN Partner – UN Environment Programme, and Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative.

Food and Agriculture for Sustainable Transformation Initiative (FAST)

The FAST initiative will be a multi-stakeholder partnership acting as an accelerator to transform agrifood systems to deliver triple wins: for people, for climate and for nature. FAST is designed as a catalyst, building on ongoing global and regional initiatives and coalitions to drive effective actions, and avoiding duplication.

Sustainable Rice Landscapes Initiative report

This report explores the opportunities, needs and requirements to leverage private sector investment in sustainable rice landscapes. By improving the flow of capital into rice production, the private sector can help lower interest rates for new equipment, extend access to early warning systems, reduce food loss and improve access to climate-resilient seeds. This report was…

COP27 Announcement: Co-Investment Platform for Food Systems Transformation under development

The Good Food Finance Network is working to create a Co-Investment Platform for Food Systems Transformation (CIP) across multilateral, public, private and philanthropic finance, to urgently crowd in and scale climate-smart investments into food systems.  Multiple interconnected crises are creating an unprecedented global food security emergency. Ongoing degradation of ecosystems, watersheds, and productive capacity, much…

GFFN Press Conference: Good Food Finance for Climate Action

On 11 November 2022 and during the first week of the UNFCCC COP27, the Good Food Finance Network hosted a Press Conference highlighting how good food finance has a crucial role in meeting the Paris Agreement and wider Sustainable Development Goals. With the presence of GFFN Principals and representatives in attendance, the announcements showed how…