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Good food finance has a critical and underrepresented role in addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. 

By joining the GFFN your organization, through the involvement of a senior level leader or a technical lead, can:

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GFFN Members and Friends

GFFN Members and Friends

can join a GFFN catalyst group, working group or initiative. The groups bring together senior advisors and technical experts of public and private financing organizations to focus on identifying and implementing solutions to overcome barriers between food and finance with clear action plans and deliverables. 

GFFN Members and Friends can benefit from peer-exchange and including their voice in the development of guidance, tools and recommendations to be publicly promoted through our GFFN partners. They are required to participate in a number of meetings and contribute to discussions and knowledge products.

GFFN Members

We are looking for financial actors and organizations actively involved in financing food systems to come and join us. That includes traditional financial actors as well as public sector financing organizations, supply chain financial actors, and businesses.

GFFN Friends

We are looking for experts and partner organizations, such as our supporting partners Just Rural Transition, Farm2Fork FEAST initiative and others.

The aim is to drive sectoral action on the ground contributing to the identification of Actionable areas of innovation, the detailing of innovation pathways, and good-practice guidance toward addressing critical financial imperatives related to food systems transformation. The GFFN has working groups focusing on different areas (click on the link below to learn more):

  • Data Systems: Brings together experts, practitioners and GFFN members to identify relevant technological and methodological connections, to make that intelligent interaction possible.
  • Public Finance: Working to engage and mobilize good food financing within the public sector through collecting and sharing relevant knowledge and data with finance ministries.
  • Investors: Aiming to identify investment opportunities for multistakeholder (cross-geography, cross-focus/stage) collaboration in food investments – either in the form of direct investment, impact finance, blue, green or climate bonds, or through an experienced impact asset manager.
  • Metrics: A non-competitive and collaborative space that brings together sustainable food systems metrics experts and practitioners as well as selected financial institutions and companies.
  • Value Chains: Shaping the role of public and private sector finance in enabling and incentivizing sustainable business practices and exploring solutions to overcome barriers to investments in sustainable food systems.

The High-Ambition Group

The High Ambition Group

is a leadership initiative composed of public and private financial institutions, including C-suite participation of global environmental funds, banks, asset managers, and agribusinesses. Join the HAG to lead the change towards more sustainable food systems through setting and publicly committing to ambitious targets, putting a roadmap for implementation into place, and pioneering sustainable finance solutions.

Co-Investment Platform

Support the development of the Co-Investment Platform

The GFFN is calling for key stakeholders including private investors and financial institutions, finance ministries, multilateral agencies, and public development banks to work together to scale finance for healthy, sustainable food systems and effectively transform food finance through the CIP. The CIP, to be launched at COP28, envisions catalyzing and accelerating this massive shift and scaling of finance for healthy, sustainable food systems, across all relevant existing, new, and emerging pools and flows of finance by crowding in existing sources of funding and investment from the public, private, multilateral, and philanthropic source.

We need food systems transformation to move at speed and scale everywhere. Local, national, and international efforts are all critical. The major gap is a global backstop mechanism to ensure signals are clear and financing is available, across the diverse range of contexts. The CIP aims to be this global Good Food Finance Facility, closely working with existing funds and facilities—to ensure catalytic funding gets where it needs to go and catalyzed mainstream activity can be supported and sustained. 

GFFN Community

The GFFN Community

consists of institutions or organizations whose interests and expertise align with the mission of the GFFN. The GFFN Community has the opportunity to engage through the Network and be invited to participate in Network meetings and activities as guests.

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