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Good food finance has a critical and underrepresented role in addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. 

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GFFN Catalyst Groups:

Each Catalyst Group contributes to the identification of:
  • Actionable areas of innovation,
  • The detailing of innovation pathways, and
  • Good-practice guidance toward addressing critical financial imperatives related to food systems transformation.

The Good Food Finance Network’s Catalyst Groups bring together senior advisors and technical experts of public and private financing organizations to focus on identifying and implementing solutions to overcome barriers between food and finance with clear action plans and deliverables. In short, the Catalyst Groups drive sectoral action on the ground.

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The High Ambition Group:

The High Ambition Group

is a group of key institutions that demonstrate clear leadership through participation, collective work and experimentation of what can be done to foster the transition to sustainable food systems through finance.

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