Food Systems in Conflict and Peacebuilding Settings: Pathways and Interconnections

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The SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) report “Food Systems in Conflict and Peacebuilding Settings: Pathways and Interconnections” highlights the links between food systems and conflict, and the importance of addressing food security in peacebuilding efforts. The report argues that food insecurity can contribute to the outbreak and escalation of conflicts, and that addressing food security is crucial for achieving sustainable peace. In terms of food finance and investment, the report suggests that investing in sustainable food systems can help to reduce the risk of conflict and promote peace. It also highlights the need for collaboration between different sectors, including the private sector, to create sustainable and inclusive food systems that can support peacebuilding efforts.

Published by GFFN Secretariat

The Good Food Finance Network Secretariat is comprised of the convening core partner organizations’ dedicated team members, who share responsibility for coordinating the Network and its activities. The convening core partners are EAT, FAIRR, Food Systems for the Future, UNEP, and WBCSD.

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