About Us

The Good Food Finance Network is a multi-sectoral community for collaborative innovation, working to bring sustainable food systems to the heart of the finance agenda. Not only must we address global challenges with deep local implications like climate change and biodiversity collapse; we must fix our food systems so they generate good health, sustainably and affordably, for all people.

Getting food finance right

The great food systems transformation is one of the most consequential challenges of our time, and could be the biggest opportunity for new value creation in world history. The Good Food Finance Network exists to make sure we get this right.

How we work

The Good Food Finance Network will operate through five main layers of engagement: 

  1. Co-Chairs—high-level leaders representing the public, private, and multilateral sectors, and helping to convene the Leaders Group, identify critical sectoral challenges, and set direction for mission implementation. 
  2. Leaders Group—institutions showing clear leadership, committing to the Good Food Finance Mission, to C-level participation, setting targets, and working to mobilize through one or more of the Actionable Areas of Innovation. 
  3. Network Members—the wider community of GFFN participating and observer entities, which will be encouraged to work toward developing targets and joining the Leaders Group. 
  4. Innovation Experts and Catalyst Groups—technical experts and senior advisors, contributing voluntarily to the identification of Actionable Areas of Innovation, the detailing of innovation pathways, and good-practice guidance toward addressing critical financial imperatives related to food systems transformation. 
  5. Convening Core Partners—functioning as a Secretariat for coordination and implementation of GFFN events, mission-aligned meetings and knowledge products, and providing technical support to Network members and leaders. 

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