Exploring Potential Benefits of Repurposing Agricultural Subsidies in sub-Saharan Africa

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We face an urgent need to transform our food system in way that respects the planet and its resources; meets the health needs of the global population; addresses the wasteful and harmful aspects of current food production and distribution; and provides lucrative financial return for all stakeholders. 

Annually, governments worldwide contribute significantly to the agricultural industry with total agricultural subsidies and funding exceeding more than $817 billion. Yet, hunger, malnutrition, and diet-related disease persist – particularly in sub-Saharan Africa – calling into question the methods policymakers are currently using to address food insecurity and creating the opportunity for a better way of equipping populations with the tools and resources necessary to have consistent and sufficient access to affordable, nutrient-rich foods. 

The report from The Global Panel – “Exploring Potential Benefits of Repurposing Agricultural Subsidies in sub-Saharan Africa” – dives into this ongoing and complicated issue by investigating and providing recommendations on how governments can more effectively use the over $680 million committed to supporting food security, commodity exports, and job creation in sub-Saharan Africa to achieve better health, economic, and environmental outcomes for the millions in the region.  

Published by GFFN Secretariat

The Good Food Finance Network Secretariat is comprised of the convening core partner organizations’ dedicated team members, who share responsibility for coordinating the Network and its activities. The convening core partners are EAT, FAIRR, Food Systems for the Future, UNEP, and WBCSD.

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