Integrity Matters: Net zero commitments by businesses, financial institutions, cities and regions

Integrity matters: Net zero commitments by businesses, financial institutions, cities and regions report from the United Nations’ High-Level Expert Group on the Net-Zero Emissions Commitments of Non-State Entities calls on every business, investor, city state and region to walk the talk on their net zero commitments – outlining potential pathways to action for regulators, and recommendations to follow for setting and implementing emission targets.

Recommendations include:
1. Announcing a Net Zero Pledge
2. Setting Net Zero Targets
3. Using Voluntary Credits
4. Creating a Transition Plan
5. Phasing out of Fossil Fuels and Scaling Up Renewable Energy
6. Aligning Lobbying and Advocacy
7. People and Nature in the Just Transition
8. Increasing Transparency and Accountability
9. Investing in Just Transitions
10. Accelerating the Road to Regulation

This resource aims to develop stronger and clearer standards for net-zero emissions pledges by non-state entities and speed up their implementation. The report provides clarity in four key areas – environmental integrity, credibility, accountability and the role of governments. The 10 recommendations outlined in the report detail what non-state actors need to consider through each stage of their progress towards achieving net-zero ambitions and addressing the climate crisis.

The GFFN’s High Ambition Group is a leadership initiative composed of public and private financial institutions, including global environmental funds, banks, asset managers, fin-techs and agri-businesses, aiming to lead change towards more sustainable food systems through setting and publicly committing to ambitious targets (including Net Zero), putting a roadmap for implementation into place, and pioneering sustainable finance solutions. Learn more about this working group here

Published by GFFN Secretariat

The Good Food Finance Network Secretariat is comprised of the convening core partner organizations’ dedicated team members, who share responsibility for coordinating the Network and its activities. The convening core partners are EAT, FAIRR, Food Systems for the Future, UNEP, and WBCSD.

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